ICICI 2023, Parallel Sessions Become a Moment to Have Research Go International

by meira

The International Conference On Informatics, Computer And Information System (ICICI) 2023 was held today, at the Head Office Building, Multimedia Room, 2nd Floor, Banjarmasin State Polytechnic.

Various series of events were also held before the seminar started, one of which was the Parallel Session.

Coordinator of Publications, Reza Fauzan.

“Parallel is part of the activities of this conference. The purpose of the conference is to publish our research to the world. And in the parallel session, all authors who submit articles to our seminar, we will ask them to present them,” said the Coordinator of Publications, Reza Fauzan.

He said again, the total number of articles included in the ICICI 2023 seminar was 26 articles.

“There were 26 articles submitted, and all of them are presented today. So there are several campuses involved, there are from South Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, Java and Bali as well, the majority are from Banjarmasin but we still use English, in every activity it is also in English. ” he continued.

Of all the articles presented, Reza hopes that this momentum will serve as a starting point for lecturers, especially in South Kalimantan, to have research that goes international.

Meanwhile, one of the participants in the parallel session, Noorhanida Royani from the Information Systems Masters Program at Diponegoro University, admitted that she was very enthusiastic about participating in the article presentation.

Noorhanida Royani  Parallel Session Participant from the Information Systems Masters Program at Diponegoro University.

“Thank God my paper was accepted at this conference and presented in a seminar, and if my paper has been submitted, hopefully it can be useful for the next master’s program, or undergraduate students or can develop my article for the better or can add parameters to their research,” she added.

The article that Noorhanida brought was also quite interesting, namely Sentiment Analysis on Film Streaming Services on Twitter Using the Lda and Svm Methods.

“In this article I review the positive and negative comments from each streaming platform, namely Netflix, Disney+, HBO, WeTv and Vidio, from this data I took via Twitter and then I processed it through Lda to find some words that are often spoken by platform users, then in process through Svm and generate positive and negative comment data,” she concluded.

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