Graduate Profile/Occupation Accounting

Konten divisi laman kerjasama 2022

by Agus SBN

Ahli Madya Akuntansi (A.Md. Ak)

D3 Accounting Study Program

  1. Accounting technician

D3 Computerized Accounting Study Program

  1. Mid-Level of Financial Accounting
  2. Mid-Level of Financial and Control Audit
  3. Mid-Level of Accounting Information System Analyst
  4. Accounting Information System Programmer
  5. Mid-Level of Tax Report Compiler
  6. Mid-Level of Financial
  7. Mid-Level of Public Accounting
  8. Entrepreneur/Technopreneur
  9. Network Administrator
  10. Computer Technician
  11. Database Administrator

Sarjana Terapan Akuntansi (S.Tr.Ak)

D4 Accounting for Islamic Financial Institution Study Program

  1. Applied sharia accounting
  2. General Islamic Banking

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